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Get the expert knowledge from over 24 interviews videos + the transcripts(PDF) + audio files + Video Coaching Program: Healthy Habit Building For Autoimmune Healing – Dr. Eva Detko!

60 days right of return / offer ends Saturday 8. February 2020

Our international experts from over 10 Countries will help you:

Discover the very latest knowledge about the origins, causes and relationships of Hashimoto. With this knowledge you will have a better understanding of yourself and your body.


You will learn how your daily behavior causes Hashimoto and how you can change negative behaviors and improve your quality of life.


Get to know different nutrition protocols that have helped many people and understand the principles of Hashimoto.


At the latest after the medicine Nobel price for a study over the day-night rhythm was lent, the world knows that a disturbed internal clock affects the hormone budget substantial and is thus a cause for Hashimoto. We explain which factors influence you and how you regain your balance.


Discover the most promising treatment methods from science, such as functional medicine, mitochondrial medicine or TCM.✓ You will understand what happens to your body in times of hormonal change. Keywords: Menopause, pregnancy, lactation.

Use all the content and numerous bonuses such as the transcripts of the interviews or the audio files any time from anywhere in the world. As the owner of the Knowledge Bundle you get access to the members area of the Hashimoto Congress. There you will find all videos from the congress, which you can watch online at any time. You can even download the audio files and listen to them while on the go.

Powerful Extras

Berndt Rieger – Hashimoto Healing 

The Holistic Treatment of
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
(149 pages)

Jan Kielmann – A Quick Introduction to Nutrigenomics

Gens are flexible, adaptable, influenceable – maybe even changeable?
(17 pages)


This list gives you an overview of 11 possibilities you can use to increase your well-being and regain your health.
(10 pages)

Katalin N Kokavecz –The 6 Big Hidden Root Causes of Chronic Health Problems


Paul Seelhorst’s Fermentation Recipes

Video Coaching Program: Healthy Habit Building For Autoimmune Healing – Dr. Eva Detko

A 5 week program consisting of 12 videos
to help you build new habits in the five
core areas that are the foundations for reversing Hashimoto’s: diet, sleep, movement, emotional health and stress management, detox

AIP 4-Weeks-Meal-Plan​ from Katalin N Kokavecz

4-weeks snapshot of the AIP protocol, the way I followed it.
Follow along and download it for free!

Our Experts & Lection Overview


Lection 1
1. Everything About the Congress and Introduction to the Autoimmune Protocol – Katalin
2. Hashimotos: Not Just a Disease of the Thyroid – Dr. Tommy Wood
3. The Mosaic of Autoimmunity – Prof. Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld
4. The Difference Between Genetics and Epigenetics and How it all Interacts with Thyroid
Health – Jan Kielmann

Lection 2
1. Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for People with Hashimoto’s – Dr. Jens

2. Natural Dessicated Hormones – The Better Alternative for Thyroid Hormone Replacement
Therapy?- Dr. Berndt Rieger
3. Functional Medicine and Chinese Medicine – How Ancient Practices and the Future of
Medicine can Work Together in Healing Hashimoto’s – Dr. Diego Schmidt

Lection 3
1. Vitamin D – Vital for People with Hashimoto’s? – Prof. Dr. Jörg Spitz
2. Iodine – Vital but Tricky for People with Hashimoto’s / Is Pyrroluria the Cause for Your Lack
of Energy? – Kyra Kauffmann
3. Healthy Gut, Healthy Microbiome, Healthy Thyroid – Dr. Grace Liu

Lection 4
1. Be your own Health Detecitive – How to get to the root of your Disease and what role
nutrition plays along the way – Jenn Malecha
2. Eat, Think, Live in Color for Your Thyroid – What Role Colors Play in Your Healing – Dr.
Deanna Minich
3. How Fermented Foods can Support your Thyroid Health – Paul Seelhorst

Lection 5
1. How to fix your body weight and feel warm again with Hashimoto’s – Dr. Simone Koch
2. Cognitive Challenges and Depression – Why Do They Often Go Hand in Hand with
Hashimoto’s? – Dr. Jens Freese

3. Autoimmunity and the Connection Between Stress, Leaky Gut, Gluten and Food
Sensitivities – Dr. Andras Guseo

Lection 6
1. Movement as Lifestyle Medicine for Hashimotos – Darryl Edwards
2. Lifestyle Solutions: The Missing Manual for Healthy Living and How to Use it For Your
Thyroid Health – Dr. Olli Sovijarvi
3. The Connection Between Insulin Resistance and Hashimoto’s – Why Blood Sugar Issues Are
so Common for People with Thyroid Problems – Dr. Malina Petkova

Lection 7
1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – The Connection with Low T3 and How to Improve your
Energy – Dr. Begonia Ruiz Nunez
2. Lyme Disease and Other Stubborn Infections as Contributing Factors for Hashimoto’s – Dr.
Armin Schwarzbach
3. Tooth health – Are Hidden Culprits in your mouth contributing to your Hashimoto’s? – Dr.
Holger Scholz

Lection 8
1. Epstein Barr Virus – Chronic Infections as possible Root Causes for Hashimoto’s – Robyn
2. The Heavy Metal Toxicity Burden on your Thyroid and Steps to Detoxify your Body – Dr.
Joachim Mutter

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