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How does the affiliate program work via Digistore?


You receive 50% of the turnover directly from our payment partner Digistore, if a user buys the knowledge package within the next 180 days. With a few clicks, you create your own individual link to track your users. First the link leads to digistore, where the user gets tracked via a cookie and from there he is redirected directly to the registration page for the congress, so that the user can watch some videos first. The package is then offered to the user. If the user buys it, you will get 50% commission of the sales price. We have an average purchase rate of 10%. So if 100 users come to the congress via your link, you can expect about 10 sales.



Create your partner account now and get your personal advertising link for the event here.

Do you already have a Digistore24 account?


You create your own affiliate code with this tool:



You use the following link and replace the string “AFFILIATE” with your Digistore24 username

(general affiliate link to the login page)

IMPORTANT: The word “AFFILIATE” in the link requires your Digistore24 username!

for example


If you don’t have a Digistore account yet, you can simply create one here:

> click here



You can promote the congress on different media. These include e.g.

“Your newsletter”



” Pinterest”

“Blog articles”, etc.

Pictures for the Hashimoto’s Days can be downloaded here:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. Just send me a short e-mail to